Training Kids to Show God’s Love in Giving

As parents, we have the responsibility and opportunity to train children to think about the needs of others. Many of us like to think life revolves around me, and our children are no different. However, God calls this selfishness and while our children are still under our roofs, we need to be proactive rather than reactive. We need to help children see the importance of showing God’s love through generosity.

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How Can You Participate?

Step One: Find Someone in Need

Look to find someone at your church, at your kid’s school, or in your neighborhood who is struggling with a genuine need such as the loss of a job, health problems, or loss of a spouse this holiday season.

Step Two: Create Your Surprise Package

Visit the Downloads section below to find helpful tools for creating your surprise package. We also have printable, make-it-yourself envelopes to give cash and labels if you choose to give a box of “goodies” with food, toys, a turkey, or other gifts.

Step Three: Deliver Your Surprise Package

Now the fun part! Go to the home of the family you selected, sneak to the front porch and place your package, and knock or ring the doorbell. Then “run like the dickens”! Find a place to hide and watch the family’s excitement as they open their surprise package!

How Suprise Package Co. Started

Roy Russell, the founder of Life Institute, created Surprise Package Co. to teach his children generosity. Every year at Thanksgiving, Roy and Lana Russell would sit with their children to talk about how they could bless families who were struggling financially during the Christmas season.

As a family, the Russells would choose four individuals or families they could bless. They looked for genuine needs such as the loss of a job, health problems, loss of a spouse, or other genuine needs. The Russell family would then place a $100 bill in an envelope, write the person’s name on the front and prepare to deliver it.

As Christmas approached, the Russells would drive to the families’ homes and each child would sneak up to deliver the envelope while the rest of the family parked out of sight. Their goal was to slip the envelope in the door, ring the doorbell or knock, and run. The fun part is not getting caught! The Russell children would watch in secret to see the family open the envelope, and were instructed never to tell anybody.

As parents, Roy and Lana had to plan and save each year to make generosity a priority. But as the Russell kids grew older, the children looked forward to giving and wanted to be generous with their own money. They also grew more thankful for what they had and no longer took things for granted.

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