Training Our Children to Have a Heart of Generosity

As parents, we have the responsibility and opportunity to ignite a heart of generosity in the next generation. In a culture that is increasingly self-centered, it is important that we teach our children how to recognize opportunities for meeting the needs of others, whether through financial gifts or acts of service. Below, we have developed a 3 step plan to help you train your children to be generous to those in need.

Your 3-Step Surprise Generosity Plan

Step One: LOOK for opportunities

Look for opportunities in your church or community. Speak with your pastor for suggestions of individuals or families in your church or community who are in need of either financial or service opportunities.

Step Two: PRAY for Discernment

Examine your recourses and choose whom to bless. You could have money, time, or both! Consider using your resources to meet the needs of others.

Step Three: ACT!

Surprise someone by being financially generous or using your time to serve someone in need.

2 Ways to Be Generous

Surprise Package

Meeting the needs of others either through tangible items or financial gifts. For a bigger impact, we recommend looking for opportunities around Thanksgiving to bless someone during the upcoming Christmas season.

Surprise Service

Meeting the needs of others through using your time and talents. It could be a one-time service project or an ongoing gift of your time.

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The Benefits

Children learn to be selfless with their time, talents, and treasure.

Children experience the joy of giving and serving others.

Children learn to be more thankful for what they have.

Children develop discernment and discretion.

Reminds us that we are all recipients of generosity through the grace of God.

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