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How Gen Xers Can Get Their Retirement Saving Back on Track

Were you born within the years 1965-1980? That makes you a member of Generation X, and it means you are between ages 35-50. Gen Xers now constitute “the sandwich generation” – how time flies.1 Broadly speaking, GenX is the first generation that has had to save for retirement without traditional pension plans. In addition, most [...]


Retirement Blindspots

We all have a “blue sky” vision of the way retirement should be, yet it helps to plan for retirement with a little pragmatism. Unforeseen circumstances may alter the course of our retirement in ways we do not currently anticipate. So as we plan for the next act of life, we may want to think [...]


Keeping All This Volatility in Perspective

Fall might be anything but calm on Wall Street. Volatility is back, in a big way: the CBOE VIX has risen more than 105% since the end of July. Additionally, 11 of the 15 trading days ending September 9 were “all or nothing” days in which more than 80% of the S&P 500 moved either [...]


Saving Early & Letting Time Work for You

As a young investor, you have a powerful ally on your side: time. When you start saving and investing for retirement in your twenties or thirties, you can put it to work for you. The effect of compounding is huge. Most people underestimate it, so it is worth illustrating. We will use reasonable annual return [...]


What Does the Devalued Yuan Mean for the U.S.?

China has surprised global investors by weakening the yuan almost 5%. Its central bank may even weaken it further.1,5 Why did the PRC make this move? Its long-booming economy is in a slump. Most notably, Chinese exports have taken a major fall. In July, they were down 8.3% year-over-year. By depreciating the yuan, China is [...]


Preparing for a Purposeful Retirement

In talking with people about retirement planning, I’ve often said that “retiring from your job does not mean that you’re retiring from life!”  As long as God gives us life and breath, he has a purpose for us on this earth.  Retirement from a job simply means that you are entering another phase of life, [...]


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